10 Habits to Live to 100

      Don't you wish there were a pill to help you live a long life? There are ways to help you stay healthier. Self-esteem coach Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, joined us to share ten habits to help you live to 100!

      1. Add Red Foods to Your Diet Veggies like red cabbage are known to help protect against cancer and reduce internal inflammation, while beets contain nitrates that relax blood vessels.

      2. Silence Your Inner Critic Instead of self-sabotage, focus your mental energy on intelligence, warmth and openness.

      3. Drink Like a Brit: Have One Cup of Black Tea per Day Research shows that 1 cup of black tea a day can boost survival rate following a heart attack by 28%. So drink up now!

      4. Say YES to the People who are Emotionally Good for You Distance yourself from takers, criticizers and those who bring out your worst.

      5. Dial One Phone Number from Memory Every Day A simple way to keep your mind alert and active is to dial at least one memorized phone number a day. This will help you practice your brain's ability to group information together into "chunks," which helps to keep your memory function strong.

      6. Use the First Stall to Prevent Getting Sick When using a public restroom people tend to skip the first stall in favor of stalls further back. But because the first stall is used least often, it contains the lowest bacteria levels and is the best choice for avoiding possible infections.

      7. Take Two Steps A very simple way to strengthen your butt, thighs, and other muscles you do not normally use is to take two steps at a time every time you walk up a flight of stairs. If you cannot do two steps at a time, try walking up the stairs twice.

      8. Hold Your Breath This simple exercise can be done at any time during the day and will give your lungs a nice mini-workout. Take a deep breath in, hold it for 10 seconds, and then slowly let the air out through pursed lips. This helps to ensure that all the pockets in your lungs are opening up.

      9. Chew Your Food 20 Times Not only does scarfing down your food prevent you from truly enjoying the taste of your meal, new research links this habit to an increased risk of diabetes. If chewing your food 20 times becomes tiresome, at least put down your fork each time you take a bite in order to slow yourself down and eat less.

      10. Forgiving is the Best Way to BE HERE NOW Stress, which we all know is the greatest life zapper is proven to be a result of a past or future mindset. By living in a present mindful state you release the past, which has already happened and take mental emphasis off of the future, which is nothing but an idea, image or projection.

      For more information, visit Laure's website.