5 Things to Put in Your Pantry

      If eating better is on your list for new year, make your life easy by stocking your pantry with healthy options. Food Blogger Brandie Kajino shared 5 must haves for your Real Food Pantry to start the year off right!

      1. Flavored oils: macadamia, walnut, extra virgin olive, avocado
      How to use it: salad dressing, drizzle on roasted veg, popcorn, dip bread, dress pasta

      2. Pesto: frozen in ice cubes
      Salad dressing, spread on bread, roast veg, pasta, marinade veg or pork chops, dip for fresh veg

      3. Canned beans
      Make hummus, toss with salsa, quick soup
      Look for: low or no salt, organic, no bpa liner

      4. Grains : Oatmeal, millet, rice
      Toss with pesto, flavored oils, mix oatmeal with frozen fruit

      5. Fruit & veg: frozen or dried
      Smoothies, steam, soup,
      Look for: local, no additives, no salt, just veg/fruit ingredients