7 Easy Steps to Overcome Self-Sabotage

      The most important opinion of you is you! Ideally you should be able to look inside your authentic self to find a set of powerful core values to live by. However most people become weakened by trauma, hurt and disappointment and find it easier to be deflated by these unfortunate events and feelings. Self-esteem coach Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, joined us with some simple steps to take to STOP self-sabotage:

      1. Claim Your Life It wasn't YOUR job to make your mother and father happy. Sometimes the greatest adversity and torment comes from those people called "parents". You are no longer the child and nobody has authority over you; so don't carry strong beliefs imprinted by your parents, especially if your parents didn't have high self-esteem.

      2. Turn Up The Music and Dance Cue up your favorite tunes and dance like nobody is watching; then tell yourself, "I'm free & embodied"!

      3. Don't Turn Break-Ups Into Beliefs The worst breakup in the world does NOT mean you are unlovable. Look at your most negative beliefs and untangle them from bad experiences that no longer exist.

      4. Curiosity is the Worthy Path We're here on this planet to get to know who we really are for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness or in health; the only way to do this is with a deep inquisitiveness. The magic happens when we're willing to be fully awake to where this heightened curiosity might lead.

      5. Figure Out WHO Truly Has Your Back If they don't, do NOT waste any more time on that person; instead, put that energy into finding "your" people.

      6. Don't Ever Dumb Down Playing it small in order to fit in strips the essence of your true self. Period.

      7. Figure Out Your Anger Anger is a powerful messenger that lets you know that something is wrong and the only way to truly work through this powerful emotion is to face it. Many times this requires the help of professionals. Ask for Help, anger is hard to figure out alone.

      You'll find more tips from Laure on her blog.