7 Wardrobe Essentials to Mix & Match

      Fashion Blogger and Stylist Rebecca Alexander Pickrel showed us how seven wardrobe essentials can mix and match to make many more.

      You'll find more fashion tips from Rebecca on her blog, Prey for Fashion.

      The number one question I get from clients is how I decide what to put together to make a look. I wish the answer was an easy one or maybe even a fancy one, but mostly it has a lot to do with personality, body-shape and style preference. The answer I give the most is to buy a group of items that can be styled all together, to create different looks with minimum hassle.

      Lets look at seven basic items to lighten the burden of outfit building.

      1. Solid color blazer: Go with a darker color like black or that will match everything.

      2. Printed Blouse: Choose a print that incorporates several of your favorite colors.

      3. Cropped Trousers: The length of these pants makes them good for any season and body shape, just make sure they are not more than a palm width above your ankles. Try a pair in one of the popular gem tones like emerald, garnet and sapphire.

      4. Solid Skirt: Look for a knee length skirt, that is appropriate for work and fun for play. Choose a solid color with a fun design element in the shape.

      5. Printed Tunic Dress: Prints add easy variety and class to a look. Choose a dress that hits above the knee and pair with tights and boots.

      6. Cardigan: Look for a solid color that has some sassy elements like lace to dress it up a bit.

      7. Solid color top: Solids go with everything but one with some interesting detailing in the shape will keep you from being bored.

      Look #1 for Work: Blazer, printed blouse and cropped trousers.

      Look #2 for Work: Blazer, printed blouse and skirt. You can also do this without the blazer to dress it down some.

      Look #3 for Work and Play: Blazer and printed tunic dress. Lose the jacket and add a chunky bracelet for a "happy hour" look.

      Look #4 for play: Cropped Trouser and solid top.

      Look #5 for Work and Play: Skirt, cardigan, and solid top. Layering items is key here, remove the cardigan and add the necklace and you have a sassy date night look!