8 Things Guaranteed to Keep You Totally Stressed Out:

      If you've ever been wound up and totally on edge, chances are you've tried a few things to banish those anxious emotions. Truth is, no matter how many go-to tricks you attempt, they won't make a difference if you continue to practice common stress-inducing habits. Confidence Coach Laure Redmond joined us to share the eight things not to do if you want to reduce those uneasy feelings:

      1. Keep Everything Bottled Up Nothing makes those uneasy feelings stick around like avoiding what's worrying you. By not letting yourself react -- like holding back tears -- you're internalizing stress. If you don't address what is stressing you out, you could be hurting your physical and mental health. The more you deal with things that stress you out, the more mastery you have over them.

      2. Shop Indulging in a little retail therapy may sound like an ideal way to burn off stress, but you may be doing the opposite. Materialism intensifies the effects of stress, especially if your budget is tight. It is best to be mindful of your finances, setting up a weekly budget which will help you manage your economic reality in a healthy way.

      3. Feed Off Other People's Stress When we're tapped into the stress of others, it sends a signal that we should feel anxious too. In order to find freedom from a stressful burden that is not your own, set up clear, concise personal boundaries and take a moment to assess what's really going on.

      4. Make "I'll sleep when I'm dead" Your Motto Sleep deprivation can significantly affect stress levels -- and without it, we can get irritable and have a harder time dealing with what's stressing us out. If you're looking to manage those toxic, uneasy emotions, let your head hit the pillow a little longer -- you'll be amazed at the difference.

      5. Sacrifice Your Passions for Your Paycheck Wealth can be a predictor that people spend less time doing pleasurable things and more time doing work-related things. Pursuing a paycheck and choosing power over a sustainability balanced life causes internal stress and leads to workplace burnout and intimate relationship breakdown.

      6. Be a Couch Potato Studies have repeatedly proven that lack of exercise can have physical and psychological setbacks. Exercise allows us to keep anxious emotions in check. Moving our feet not only boosts your mood and improves overall cognitive function, it also releases feel-good chemicals in the brain while reducing levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body.

      7. Aim for Perfection Perfectionists strive to have everything just right. Whether they're procrastinating about doing a task because they want it to be just the way they want it or they act on specific habits that foster anxiety. Too high expectations can be extremely draining and stressful.

      8. Overanalyze Everything Ruminating on anxious thoughts only tends to create more anxiety. It's the over-thinking mind that makes us feel anxious and worried about the future.

      For more helpful information, visit Laure's blog.