Aadvanced Dental

      Dr. Inna Shimanovsky joined us today to explain how what you don't know about the mercury in your dental fillings could harm you! Dr. Inna Shimanovsky of Aadvanced Dental in Oregon City, is launching Mercury Free Awareness Week. Dr. Shimanovsky has a 'mercury-free' dental practice because as a holistic dentist, Dr. Shimanovsky believes that even small amounts of mercury are too great a risk to the body and a person's overall health. So, to help increase awareness of the health and environmental dangers of mercury dental fillings Aadvanced Dental is providing numerous resources where people can learn more, including an in-depth newsletter, special blog entries on "Ask Dr. Inna" blog, social media posts on the Aadvanced Dental Facebook page, and many articles on mercury (amalgam) topics. Plus, Aadvanced Dental will be giving away an Oral-B Triumphâ„¢ Electric Toothbrush valued at $95 to the lucky winner of their "Smile Contest". Check out their Facebook page for all the details.

      You can reach Aadvanced Dental at 503-659-3003. They are located at 1508 Washington Street in Oregon City.