Actor Ed Begley Jr.

      Ed Begley, Jr. has appeared in hundreds of movies, tv shows and stage productions but will probably always be remembered for his role as Dr. Victor Ehrlich on the popular tv series St. Elsewhere. Other popular credits include pineapple express, a mighty wind, best in show and for your consideration. His latest television role is in the new comedy series BetasThe show is set in the land of Silicon Valley start-ups where the right algorithm can make you king. The comedy follows four computer geeks and their quest for nerd fame as they attempt to crack the ultimate code: striking it rich with their new social networking app. Begley plays George Murchison, the wildly-eccentric Silicon Valley investor whom the BRB quartet is pursuing in any way they can to bankroll their app.

      Catch up with the veteran actor and learn more about his upcoming projects as well as his efforts on behalf of the environment. Begley lives in a solar powered home and drives an electric car. He and his family are documenting construction of a LEED Platinum-certified home for the show Begley Street.