Age-Defying Makeup

      Wish you could turn back the hands of time? How about faking it with the right makeup? Makeup Artist Kelly Peach stopped by to share her age-defying tips.

      As we get older it's becomes more difficult to know which makeup products and techniques are best for our aging and changing skin. As a makeup artist, I want to make sure you know that you can still have fun and still wear colors!

      First, start with the correct skincare by using a moisturizer. A good moisturizer is essential for mature skin. This will keep the makeup from settling into the skin in the dry areas and it will also give the skin a soft dewy glow.

      Next, apply a cream or liquid foundation. Stay away from powders because they can look heavy and unnatural on mature skin. One of my favorites is Too Faced Beauty Balm because it has nice coverage.

      As we get older, some of us start to fear colorful makeup - especially on our eyelids. Don't be afraid! Eyelids are the perfect place to add a pop of color. I think cream colors are best for mature skin because they aren't too matte and they don't form creases easily. Some of my favorites are the cream shadows from Face Stockholm.

      Lining the eye is important for definition. Making small stokes near the lash line opens the eye and helps make the lashes look thicker and fuller. I like the Smash Box eyeliner because it stays on all day long.

      Next, use a cream blush to help keep moisture in the skin. One of my favorites is from Face Stockholm.

      Finally, line the lips to shape them. Then fill them in before putting another lip color on top. As we get older we start to lose some of our lip definition, so lining and filling is really important. Choose any natural color to line and fill in the lips, then put any color on top that best fits your skin tone.

      You'll find more great beauty tips on Kelly's YouTube channel.