Antiquing Old Frames

      It's the start of the new year! If you are tired of looking at those old wooden frames (the oak
      ones that are "so 80's") but don't have the money to purchase all new ones, Professional Artist Elida Field showed Helen how to reuse, recycle, renew to make a cool new vintage frame for you!

      Materials List:
      ~Any sized wood frame.
      ~Paint brushes (1/2" to 1"size)
      ~Throw away paper palette or styrofoam plate
      ~Acrylic paints (varies depending on the color scheme...see below)
      ~Mars Black, Cadmium Red, Metallic (Gold,Bronze,Silver),
      ~Sand paper (medium weight)
      ~Oil based stain (option 3)
      ~Varnish or Finishing Spray (Optional)
      How to Revamp Your Old Frames:
      1. Remove any glass, pictures, backing etc. from the frame. Make sure it is clean and free of dust
      or dirt.
      2. Lightly sand paper the entire frame. Remember to sand with the grain and not against it.
      Don't worry about sanding it too completely, just get it roughed up and make sure the sheen is
      3. Paint the entire frame using your 1/2" to 1" brush ( I used Mars Black on the show).
      4. Let the frame dry completely (15 minutes)
      5. Option 1: Lightly sand the edges bringing up the old wood color underneath and giving your
      frame a distressed look.
      6. Option 2: Lightly paint Cadmium Red over the entire frame, be careful to leave the creases
      dark and edges dark. This will give it a weathered barn look.
      7. Option 3. Paint the entire frame black, red, blue etc. Let that dry. Paint over that with any
      metallic paint (gold, bronze, silver etc.) using the same technique as mentioned in option 2.
      Finally, take any dark oil based stain and lightly paint the entire frame. Once dried you can go
      back over in some areas with the gold or other colors to highlight it. The oil stain knocks
      down the boldness of the metallic color while still allowing some of it to show through giving it
      a rich aged, antique feel.