Are You Neutral or Bold?

      Author of Interior Bliss, Interior Designer, Jonathan Hopp, said today that color is one of the most important elements in an interior. Whether you prefer neutrals or bold colors - How do you choose what works best for you? And is it something you can live with?

      Color isn't only about paint, its about what appeals you individually. Brights, cools, pastels, neutrals - color is about finding out what you want to live with over time and go for it.

      *Curate your color palette. Gather pictures, magazines, wallpaper fabrics or objects. This selection will make it easier as you go to select paint color.

      *Decide the mood of the room For example a soft green will lend itself to serenity and calm. A red is more invigorating, and the designer go-to neutral is smart because it lets the furniture stand out.

      *Samples, Samples Samples All designer's have their favorite companies for paint, and I have mine, if your in the neighborhood of any paint store, start collecting colors. Give yourself permission to get lots of samples, and make a mess of your walls until you find the perfect color.

      *Paint, Paint Paint Always test colors before diving in! NEVER CHOOSE A ROOM COLOR BY A PAINT CHIP - the samples are too small to get an accurate feel for how a color is going to feel, and color always looks different in a larger quantity when it reflects a rooms light. Paint swatches by the window trim, in the darkest corner and in the lightest spot. Let the samples dry and give them a second coat so you can accurately access the color. And paint the samples farther apart so your eyes don't blend the colors.

      *Balance the color Use a color more than once. For example if you are using a color on the walls, consider it again for the pillows, lamps, an ottoman, or a variation of that color for a piece of furniture. More importantly, if you develop a color scheme in one room, carry a version of it throughout the house if you can.

      *Don't be afraid of neutrals There is a reason to select neutral tones. They are easy to work with. Its simple to change them up and they are great background for furniture and art. Plus, if you get bored, you can jazz it up simply with accents like pillows, lamps and accessories.