Art with Heart

      Professional Artist Elida Field showed us how to make art with heart. February is the month dedicated to love! We always think in terms of romantic love, but love is really much broader then that...Love is for everyone! These colorful mosaic tiles are easy enough for kids to make and still fun enough for the adults. Just like "love" is for everyone, so is this project!

      Materials List:
      ~Any sized tile or piece of wood.
      ~Pallette knife or plastic knife.
      ~Pre-mixed mastic or stucco
      ~Beads, shells, rocks, glass beads and other embellishments.
      ~Ribbon (optional)
      How to create your mosaic tile:
      1. Spread a layer of mastic or stucco evenly over one side of your tile. Make sure it's thick
      enough to stick all of your embellishments on.
      2. You may want to lay out your pattern on a piece of paper prior to sticking it onto your tile so
      that you can see how your composition will look.
      3. Take your beads and other embellishments and carefully stick them onto the tile, pressing
      down slightly so that they adhere.
      4. Add the ribbon if you're using a wood tile with holes already predrilled.
      5. Wait until the stucco or mastic dries completely. Then enjoy your work of art! Some bigger
      tiles can even work outdoors as garden art.