Attract Wealth with the Power of Your Mind

      Did you know that you have an untapped portion of your mind? You could call it your "Rich Brain" and you'd be right. This is the part of you that can find answers to seemingly unsolvable problems, stop a negative thought, bring calm and peace into any situation, and it is all accomplished with a sense of peace and ease. Asara Lovejoy, a world leader in the human potential movement and author of The One Command says, "This may not seem possible but it is true and I love sharing this discovery with people."

      1. Negative thinking is a natural function of our logical thinking process, what neuro science calls the "beta mind." This is the predominate brain wave we operate in when we are awake, alert and acting and reacting to our day. Negativity will never completely disappear because the job of the logical mind is to compare and contrast. You have to look at both sides - good and bad.

      2. Human beings are hard-wired for success and people can engage in that greater success when they learn the process of accessing their "theta mind." The One Command and six-easy-steps is the process to access the theta mind that Asara discovered during her devastating financial crises. This simple yet powerful process helps people get around conventional problems and discover new solutions fast and effectively.

      3. The benefits of thinking in theta are numerous. More peace of mind, less stress, renewed sense of purpose, a greater connection to others and heightened trust in your decisions.

      4. The science is in on our innate ability to change an old subconscious thought or program and redefine what you want to think instead. The One Command process allows people to do this in moments rather than years.

      5. Confidence comes from withinWhat would your life be like if you had confidence to meet any adversity knowing that you could find a solution and implement new ideas easily? And the knowledge that you can bring your hopes, wishes, dreams and desires to fruition? Pretty wonderful, Yes! And this is a new way men and women can do just that.

      6. Turn around your personal economyMany people have changed their devastating financial problems from the down turned economy as well as healing issues in their family, and improve personal relationship and health issues with The One Command. Over 300,000 folks have applied this technique around the world and emails arrive daily with success stories from around the world.

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