Avoid Stress Eating During the Holidays

      Self-esteem Coach Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, joined us with her Seven Ways to Avoid Stress Eating During the Holidays. Laure says December is as much about grazing as gifts and here's how to survive the madness without gaining 10 pounds and an extra clothing size:

      1. Calm your nerves before binging Give yourself one hour of 'me-time' ~ exercise, meditate, read, nap ~ you choose: no electronics allowed.

      2. Think Positive, Be Personable Before entering a social event, spend a few moments visualizing three personal strengths.

      3. Eat, drink and be mindful Avoid putting more than two different foods ~ one healthy, one not so healthy ~ on your plate at once, (1st pass: raw veggies + chicken wings/ 2nd pass: carrots + chips). Limiting yourself to two foods allows you to indulge just enough, but keeps you from piling on the junk.

      4. Turn your family drama into comedy Spending time with relatives who know how to push your buttons can easily trigger emotional eating. Re-think the characters and circumstances as a scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, which will help you emotionally detach from the situation.

      5. Call a friend Science shows that people are more likely to succeed at healthy transformations when they have support. Tell a friend you're embarking on a healthy holiday plan and schedule daily check-ins with each other.

      6. Money doesn't grow on trees Times are tough for many these days. Instead of feeling guilty and stressed about what you can't do; talk with your children, family and friends about realistic expectations.

      7. Respond rather than React to emotional holiday triggers Keep in mind that emotions are like backseat drivers steering you towards the refrigerator.

      For more on improving your mind-body health, visit Laure's website.