Avoid the Awkward Holiday Photo Card

      Professional Photographer Lara Blair shared tips for taking a great photo for your family's holiday card!

      1. Find a visually pleasing location. Avoid taking photos inside at all costs. The light is yellow and extremely unflattering. Outside in your yard, at a park or on the beach are great spots for family photos.

      2. When cropping the image, don't cut people off at the joint (elbows and knees or ankles). You either want your subjects' full bodies or the 3/4 view (chest up).

      3. Be careful of "trees growing out of heads". Look behind your subjects to see what might appear to be coming up from behind.

      4. Have your family wear coordinating colors. You don't need to be "matchy" with everyone wearing the same shirt and pants, but something similar on the bottom (jeans are a crowd pleaser) and shirt colors that look nice together.