Be A Better Parent for Kids with Special Needs

      Parenting can be the hardest job you'll ever love, but if your children have special needs, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and cut off from a "normal" life. In The Resilient Parent: Everyday Wisdom for Life with Your Exceptional Child, author Mantu Joshi (a father of three and a stay-at-home dad) shares short essays that can help us reframe the experience of parenting children with special needs so we can be more resilient.

      • Book Events

      • Saturday, March 15, at 1:00pm FREE

      • A Children's Place Bookstore, 4807 NE Fremont, Portland,

      • Thursday, May 8, 7:00pm, Sensory Seminar, FREE but registration required for "The Resilient Parent: Less Stress Through Mindful Care of Your Exceptional Child"

      Mantu also has a Facebook page with updated video excerpts, written ideas and support. Or connect with him on Twitter or YouTube.