Be a Great Wedding Guest

      When is the right time to RSVP to a wedding? Can you bring a friend with you? Should you bring your gift to the reception or send it? Wedding Planner Katie Zuniga joined us to share a few simple ways to be the perfect wedding guest. Doing these things makes it easier on the bride, groom and rest of the wedding party. Katie says these are all lessons learned from her many years planning weddings.

      When You Get the Invitation

    • RSVP as soon as possible, either way.
    • Make sure to check invitation for style of wedding (black tie/casual), are children allowed,if it is a plated dinner it's typically more formal.
    • Check the venue, if it is a ballroom it's more formal. If it's a vineyard it's in the middle (not formal but not casual), if it's in a barn then it's pretty casual.
    • Put it on your calendar and don't forget.
    • Getting a Gift

    • Stick to the registry
    • Don't forget to mark it off the registry when you pay
    • Always include a gift receipt (even if it is off the registry) and especially if you buy something elsewhere.
    • Mail it ahead of time if possible, even if you are attending. It makes it easier for all involved.
    • If you are bringing it with you, make sure to securely tape your card to the package
    • At the Wedding

    • Show up ten to fifteen minutes before the start time of the ceremony. This gives you time to sign the guest book, say hi, and be seated before the ceremony starts.
    • Pay attention to signage and directions. Don't get in the way.
    • Don't take pictures during the ceremony or get in the way of the photographer.
    • When taking pictures during the reception don't get in the way of the photographer/videographer
    • If there is a buffet, don't go back for second till everyone has had a chance to eat.
    • It's nice when there is an open bar, but it's rude to be a sloppy drunk guest
    • Always bring cash in case there is a money dance.
    • If there is dancing, get out there and participate. It's more fun for everyone.
    • Be involved in the bouquet and garter toss. If you are dating someone you are still single. Single means you are not married!
    • For more information on planning a wedding, visit Katie's website.