Beach Painting with Sand & Sea Shells

      Professional Artist Elida Field showed Helen how to bring the beach inside with a creative painting using sand and sea shells.

      Materials List:
      ~any sized canvas (demo is 12"x24")
      ~acrylic paints (pthalo blue, cadmium yellow, titanium white, burnt sienna or raw sienna, gold or bronze
      is optional)
      ~large brushes (2"-3")
      ~specialty smooth brush (buy it from any hardware store as it's used for trim work)
      ~throw away paper palette or styrofoam plate
      ~ bucket of water
      ~paper towels
      ~hangers/wire/mounting materials for the back of the painting.
      ~high gloss or matte finishing spray (optional)
      How to create the "Dreamy Abstract Seascape":
      1. Dip your large brush in water and then into your darkest color of paint (pthalo blue). With large
      horizontal strokes, start in the middle of your canvas and work your way up and down going back and forth horizontally.
      2. Keep dipping your brush into the water and reapplying to your canvas so you have even strokes of color.
      3. Clean your brush completely and make some clear strokes of water below and above the section you just painted.
      4. Now dip your brush into the next color (cadmium yellow) and work some paint back onto the canvas overlapping the darker color on the bottom so that the lines mix but also are fading into the lighter color and then fade to white at the top.
      5. Continue this process down the canvas, putting some white under the blue and then working in the brown at the very bottom of the canvas. You can use your smaller brush to add a little white into the darker parts of the painting looking more like waves or just leave the colors as an abstract for the imagination. Using the specialty smooth brush you can drag across the canvas and blend the colors together beautifully.
      6. Using your smallest brush, paint around the edges of the canvas for a finished look.
      7. Let the painting dry completely and then finish by spraying with a high gloss or matte spray. Attach the hangers and wire on the back to hang on your wall!
      Extra Idea: After your painting dries completely you can paint over it with aquavar and sprinkle
      sand in certain areas as well as add shells, rocks, or other embellishments to give it a more three
      dimensional feel!