BedCo Mattress Superstores

      Guest Mike Vanier EO BedCo Mattress Superstore joined us today on the show to tell us how to care for matresses.

      Breaking in a New Mattress - you need to break-in your mattress just as many item you buy have break-in periods.

      This is par for the course, not just to have a mattress get used to your shape, but also for your body to get used to the mattress. For some people it can take up to four weeks to really start getting the sleep benefits from their new mattress - during this time, make sure to rotate your mattress at least once in order to give both sides of the bed equal attention. If you are not enjoying your sleep after a month (your trial period may be anywhere from 30 to 120 days), consider exchanging the mattress or call the store advice.

      Beware of Sagging/warranty issues/know your warranty

      Constant weight cause your mattress to sag over time - that is why you need to make sure to buy the right foundation with your mattress, as it will surprisingly take on a lot of the wear and tear. Every few weeks rotate your mattress can help keep your mattress from sagging; also the addition of a mattress topper can take on some of the physical impact and increase the longevity of your mattress. Also, don't sit on the edge of your mattress so much especially if you have an innerspring or air mattress.

      Keep Your Mattress Covered

      By having a mattress cover/protector, you can help prevent the build up of moisture, mildew, bacteria, dust mites, even bed bugs and also protect the cosmetic surface of your mattress. Every couple of weeks you can remove the cover, wash it and put it back on for a fresh start. While certain mattresses like memory foam and natural latex are naturally anti-microbial and mold and mildew resistant, an extra layer never hurts.

      Clean Your Mattress

      It's easy to forget that your mattress is still a piece of furniture that requires the same hygienic care that everything else in your home receives. When you can, vacuum your mattress or wipe it down with a cloth depending on the type of mattress you own and the corresponding care instructions. On nice day open the windows of your room and let the air refresh your mattress.

      Ultimately, always treat your mattress well, and it will care for you even better in return.

      4th of July Special for AM Northwest viewers, go into any BedCo store and when you purchase a Restonic Mattress just mention that you're an AM Northwest viewer and you'll receive two new pillows free. That's good today thru July 8th.