Best Selling Author Chelsea Cain

      We welcomed the bestselling author, Chelsea Cain, to the show today to discuss her brand new fiction novel, Kill You Twice.

      Kill You Twice is the next installment in Cain's thrilling murder-mystery series that follows Archie Sheridan and his investigations of several horrifying and grisly murders. This time, Archie travels around Portland in persuit of a vicious and gruesome killer that has terrorized East Portland. Then, when the once terrifying and magnetic "Beauty Killer" Gretchen Lowell claims to have information on the killing, Archie is set on a collision course with Gretchen's frightening past.

      Chelsea had written a dozen novels before becoming inspired to enter the terrifying field of gory thrillers after hearing a story on the Green River Killer. Now she has a successful series that contain five gripping novels, starting with Heartsick.

      Chelsea has a book signing event tomorrow night at 7:30 at Powell's located at 1005 W Burnside.

      To learn more about Chelsea Cain and her many novels and other book signing events in town , visit her website at