Bestselling Author J.A. Jance

      New York Times Bestselling Author J.A. Jance joined us today to tell us about her latest novel REMAINS OF INNOCENCE. The novel opens in Great Barrington, Massachusetts (far away from Cochise County, Arizona). Selma Machett is on the verge of death from emphysema, which is hardly tragic news to her daughter Lizawho endured constant psychological abuse and deprivation of basic necessities from her mother. Selma passes away, and the day of her funeral, her house mysteriously burns downand Liza's landlady turns up murdered. Knowing she's in danger, Liza begins a furtive trip across the country to get answers about her family from her brother Guywho happens to be Cochise County's medical examiner.
      Meanwhile, in Arizona, Sheriff Brady is knee-deep in an equally disturbing mystery. The corpse of a mentally handicapped young man has been found at the bottom of a limestone cavern. Medical Examiner Guy "Doc" Machett is his usual stand-offish self during the investigation. But just as it seems a forensic breakthrough is around the corner, Dr. Machett is found tortured to death.
      You can meet your favorite author, J.A. Jance, at Noon today at the Central Library, 801 SW 10th in Portland.