Bestselling Author Jeffrey Masson on "Beasts"

      There are two supreme predators on the planet with the most complex brains in nature: humans and orcas. In the twentieth century alone, one of these animals killed 200 million members of its own species, the other killed none. Jeffrey Masson's fascinating new book Beasts:What Animals Can Teach Us About The Origins of Good and Evil begins here: There is something different about us.

      In his previous bestsellers, Masson has showed what animals can teach us about our own emotionsabout love (dogs), contentment (cats), grief (elephants), among others. But animals have much to teach us about the negative emotions such as anger and aggression as well, and in unexpected ways. In Beasts he demonstrates that the violence we perceive in the "wild" is mostly a matter of projection. We link the basest human behavior to animals, to "beasts" ("he behaved no better than a beast"), and claim the high ground for our species. We are least human, we think, when we succumb to our primitive, animal ancestry. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

      • Book Event
      • Saturday, March 15, 4:00pm
      • Powell's City of Books, 1005 West Burnside, Portland

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