Body Language of Leaders

      Vanessa Van Edwards -- Behavioral Investigator and author of "Human Lie Detection and Body Language 101" -- stopped by to test our skills on reading the body language of a leader.

      Can you spot a leader?

      Body Language of Alphas: The Nonverbal Secrets of Being a Leader
      The alpha is the individual in the community with the highest rank. We all know someone who has a natural magnetism. Someone who walks into a room and people look. Someone who speaks and people listen. Someone who was born to lead. Or maybe that someone is you? Alphas have a very specific set of nonverbal behaviors that signify to others in the group and to the outside world that they are the top dog.

      1. What do leaders do?
      A: Smile more
      B: Smile less

      Answer = A

      Typically leaders smile less. Smiling is a subordinate behavior. Women smile more to please others and are therefore less often the alpha. If you are in a powerful room, smile purposefully.

      2. What do leaders do?
      A: Interrupt
      B: Don't Interrupt

      Answer = A

      Alpha's interrupt. They speak and expect others to listen. Notice if a leader in your life interrupts you and then politely correct them with something like "I can't get a word in with you!"

      3. What do leaders do?
      A. Hold Eye Contact More
      B. Hold Eye Contact Less

      Answer =both

      Trick question! Alphas hold eye contact when they are speaking but look away when others speak to them. This is a very rude behavior and take note if you do this to others. If someone does it to you stop talking until they look back at you.

      4. What do leaders do?
      A. Pace
      B. Stand Still

      Answer = B

      Leaders stand still. Leaders have less movement as they are observers, others move around them. People should try to fidget, pace and hop less to be more powerful and in control.

      5. What do leaders do?
      A. Nod as you speak to them.
      B. Hold their head still as you speak to them.


      Leaders keep their head very still. Nodding is a sign of submission. You can nod to show agreeableness but be aware of head bobbing!

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