Body Language Revelations from the Grammy Awards

      Behavioral Investigator Vanessa Van Edwards is an expert at reading body language and discovered that not all celebrities were telling the truth at Sunday's Grammy Awards. She joined us today to spill some celebrity secrets revealed by their body language at the Grammys.

      You'll find more interesting information from Vanessa oh her Science of People website and in her articles for the Huffington Post.

      Grammy Awards Secrets Revealed Through Body Language:

      Do you ever watch awards shows or TV shows and wonder if the celebs are telling the truth? Well, now you can use body language to decode behavior at the Grammy's.

      Let's look at the following Grammy Highlights and see which are fact an which are fiction:

      What Really Happened at Chris Brown's Car Accident?

      Guilty Pose: Chris Brown crashed his car the day before the Grammy's and on the red carpet Ryan Seacrest had the guts to ask him about it. First, we know right off the bat that Chris has been a bad boy and has been told to behave by his reps. He shows classic protective little boy body language. The entire interview he has his hands clasped in front of his groin. People do this when they want to protect themselves. This is also the behavior that guilty people exhibit. See Paris Hilton do this body language when she is released from prison. It screams, "Sorry, I've been bad!"

      Nerves: When Ryan Seacrest asks Chris Brown directly about the car accident, Chris's nerves get the best of him. He wiggles his eyebrows and shoulders and then bends down as if he can't stand still. These are classic nervous gestures.

      Lying Shrug: Typically liars shrug one shoulder when they tell a lie. Interestingly, Chris Brown raises one shoulder right as he says the word paparazzi. According to TMZ, Chris Brown is blaming the paparazzi for the accident but the paparazzi are claiming they had nothing to do with it. Chris Brown is most certainly lying about being blameless. He feels guilty and is not being truthful about the paparazzi's involvement.
      My Conclusion: FICTION!

      Does Trey Songz Really Have A Crush on Kelly Rowland?

      Baseline: Giuliana Rancic interviewed Trey Songz on the red carpet before the Grammy's and asked him about his crush on Kelly Rowland after seeing her perform at the super bowl. But before she gets to this question they talk about everything from fashion to piercings. These questions allow us to get a baseline of Trey Songz, or how he looks when he is telling the truth.

      Nerves: When Giuliana tells him she wants to ask him about something he said, he gets a little nervous. We can see this when he rubs his mouth which is a self-soothing gesture we do to calm ourselves down. I'm sure he was nervous about what Giuliana might ask.

      Truth: He tells Giuliana he does have a little crush on Kelly Rowland and that he really respects her. His body language is completely the same as when he was answering the easier questions at the beginning of the interview. So my conclusion is that this is fact. Trey Songz does have a little crush on Kelly Rowland.
      My Conclusion: FACT!

      Was Adele Really Surprised At Her Win?
      When they announced Adele as the winner for best pop solo performance she showed genuine surprise, even shock. She had no idea she was going to win and was shocked she was chosen. Her genuine surprise is her slack jaw and raised eyebrows.
      My Conclusion: FACT!

      Was LL Cool J Happy to Host?
      LL Cool J did a great job hosting, there was one moment that I think LL Cool J would prefer to forget. After the old clip of LL Cool J from American Bandstand with Dick Clark played, LL Cool J's usually cool demeanor was altered. He licked and bite his lips nervously and was caught 'ventilating' which is when people pull their collar away from their neck. This is what people do when they are nervous because it brings air to the skin that is flushed with nerves.
      My Conclusion: FICTION!

      Was Carrie Underwood Surprised about Her Win?
      While waiting for the announcement for winners in her category of Best Country Solo Performance Carrie Underwood was incredibly nervous. She was biting her nails and holding her breath. She did not show surprise when she won, but rather relief. You can see her literally sign in relief. Clearly, she had a lot of pressure on her to win.
      My Conclusion: FICTION!

      Did Chris Brown Think He Would Win?
      Chris Brown was up against Frank Ocean for Best Urban Contemporary Album. When it was announced that Frank Ocean won, Chris Brown shows immediate surprise at his loss. Not such a good sign. Then, in the ultimate body language display, he remains seated while his fellow audience members stand for Frank Ocean as climbs to the stage.
      My Conclusion: FACT!