Bodyweight Workout for Travel

      Fitness Expert Beth Oliver joined us today to tell us more about bodyweight training -- a perfect workout to do on vacation, since you don't need any extra props.

      Remember back in grade school when you did the Presidents Physical Fitness test?
      For some of us that was a long time ago, but it certainly isn't outdated. In fact, bodyweight training, which that test was founded on, is all the rage again. It's a great way for anyone to train for a couple of important reasons:

      • You don't need any fancy equipment.
      • You can make the exercises more challenging without adding more weight.
      • They are multiple joint activities, and challenge the whole body as opposed to one muscle.
      • Unlike training on a machine, your body and brain have to work harder to balance and to coordinate the movements.
      • Exercises that force you to concentrate also stimulate your brain. Super important for long term mental health.
      • You can take the workout with you when you travel. They are easy to do in a park, on the beach or in a small hotel room.