Boost Your Work Confidence

      With so much unpredictability in the workforce these days, could your best investment be making yourself invaluable at your workplace? By investing in the value and perspective that you offer not only to your current company but also to your industry, you will over time prove to be invaluable at any workplace. Leadership Coach Katie Kelley shed light on how you can do exactly that:

      Develop a Highly Valued Niche

      In addition to meeting the expected competencies of your role, it is wise to develop a highly valued niche that is in alignment with future oriented trends in the marketplace. By developing an expertise, you become synonymous with that arena and as a result your value is continually reinforced.

      Become a Master Story Teller

      Business is ultimately about relationships that are established on the same fundamental tenets that we value throughout our lives: trust, affinity, shared values, etc. The best way to deepen our relationships at work whether we are trying to sell our products, build consensus or improve morale is to tell a compelling story that brings either your companies data or disparate pieces of information to life and reminds those around you of the larger universal picture of what you are doing every day and the impact it could continue to have in the future.

      Work Well with Others

      You can be dubbed an informal leader at your organization if you are able to connect and influence the varying personalities at play in your organizations' staff. Finding a way to effectively collaborate and get your jobs done together on a continual basis will prove to boost your value over time at any organization.

      Mentor Generously

      The best way to become invaluable at your work is to mentor generously to those who are seeking instruction, guidance and direction. Look for ways to initiate forums where you will be able to impart your wisdom and experiences, particularly to the younger and more junior workers at your place of employment. By taking the time to invest in others development, you will find that the perception the leaders of your organization will be elevated and most importantly you will be rewarded by the intrinsic satisfaction of giving back, which really is priceless.