Bounce Back After Hitting a Road Block

      Don't let an obstacle stop you from enjoying life. Confidence Coach Laure Redmond, joined us with eight ways to bounce back after hitting a road block:

      1. The only way through it is through it Although this can seem painfully impossible at times, it's the only way to learn what your road block is here to teach you. Every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

      2. Friend or Foe Only hang out with friends who uplift you and support you. Take a break from any negative people in your life.

      3. Open Heart When road blocks occur it can feel like the heart literally shuts down. 'Mentally' stay tuned to an "open heart" even if it's premature in your personal process. When an open heart leads your way, strength, truth and ... the power of life ... keeps you afloat, ultimately bringing new people, experiences and a propeller-like energy through your days and nights.

      4. Cry, Wince, Moan, Scream Look at your fears, get in front of them-- emotionally express them, feel your cautiousness, do NOT suppress, repress or deny these feelings, otherwise they'll bite you in the foot at a later juncture. Learn what these feelings and emotions are here to teach you.

      5. Stretch Yourself If your mind or heart are in fear, it will show up in your body: tight chest, tight neck, shallow breath, low back pain ... to name only a few. As you steer your mind and heart towards openness, the fear will need a way of leaving the body, active stretching is a safe, highly effective way for the body to physically release road blocks.

      6. Ask, Pray, Meditate To deeply unfold any difficult situation requires rest, reflection and silence (includes all/any technology). Renewal is only possible after going into the back of the cave. Once you re-emerge, keep your silent rituals in place for a deeper sense of self.

      7. Bring Heroes to Mind Whether it's the family recovering from serious injuries suffered at the Boston marathon, the dog with three legs or the wife whose husband is paralyzed ... always remember those that have gone before you and have found a way through the darkness.

      8. Get a Therapist or Coach It can REALLY help to have someone be an outside observer with a fresh, unbiased perspective

      For more information on mind-body health, visit Laure's blog.