Celebrate Minimalist Holiday

      Asha Dornfest, founder of and author of Minimalist Parenting, says you can enjoy the holidays more when you do less.

      People are dreading their growing to-do lists and so, for many, holiday cheer gets clouded by anxiety. What to do? You already know: lower the expectations, shorten the task list, do less.
      But how do you choose what to cut? What if you lower your expectations to the point where the holidays no longer feel special? When trying to decide which holiday activities and tasks to drop, ask yourself: What about the holidays means the most to me? Which rituals, traditions, events, foods and feelings do you look forward to? Is it the smell of the cookies or the Christmas tree? Is it the coziness of a movie marathon with the kids? Is it tacking holiday cards onto your refrigerator as they arrive in the mail?

      There is no right answer only what is important to you and your family.