Celebrity Fitness Trainer Mark Macdonald

      Don't let fall's cool, damp weather derail the good habits you made over the summer! Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert, Mark Macdonald, stopped by with simple tips to help us stay healthy all season long.

      Mark is also author of the New York Times Bestseller, Body Confidence. You can find his book online and anywhere books are sold.

      3 tips to Jump Start Your Metabolism & Stay Fit this Fall
      Fall is here, football is Rockin, kids are back in school & cooler weather is upon us. Typically this is when the sweaters come out of the closet, we start eating more calorie packed foods & our "summer shape" slowly fades away.
      Not this fall! Here are 3 tips to keep your "Summer Shape" & your metabolism humming:

      Tip 1 - Eat in 3's - Simply eat every 3 hours & eat a balance of protein, fat & carbs. You might be saying, "how do I do that?" Start with what a sample day looks like, you then quickly learn your portion sizes with your hands, and then if you want to "turbo charge" your plan & maximize your results, you can focus on eating high quality foods.

      Tip 2 - Set Your Sleep - your sleep is your body's battery charger and -- just like your smart phone -- needs to be charged, so does your body. We all become busier during Fall, which leads to less sleep. This triggers an imbalance in hormones, increases food cravings & slows down metabolism.

      2 great sleep strategies:

      1. Set a sleep schedule - just like how kids are better with a set schedule, so is an adult body -- we are just bigger kids! Simply go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. If you stay up late one night, still wake up at the same time that morning and go to bed earlier the following night. Your sleep can be made up.
      2. Avoid Snoozing - the snooze button is not your friend. Any sleep you get after you hit the snooze button is basically useless sleep. You are much better to set your alarm 30 minutes later than to snooze for those thirty minutes.

      Tip 3 - Blast Your Exercise - your food & sleep help keep your body in balance & consistently releasing stored fat, your exercise burns that at up.

      Too many times, we end up being bored, or worse, hating our exercise. We painfully push through each minute because we think it's what we need to do.
      Well I'm here to tell you that's nonsense! Anything you hate doing, eventually you'll stop or just barely go through the motions.
      Blasting your exercise is finding things you like to do that make your exercise fun, uses all of your muscles & leaves you looking forward to the next session.
      It could be playing a sport, like tennis, soccer, racquetball, squash, cycling, running, swimming, etc...basically anything you are competing at. It could also be doing classes like kickboxing, boxing, spinning, etc...

      These types of training provide all the cardio you need, and you can add a few quick 10-20 minute sessions of strength training or work them into your cardio training.

      My point is this, make sure you love your exercise, and if you don't, explore and experiment until you find exercise you do love.

      There you have it! 3 tips that will set your body up to win this Fall and help you rock through the holiday season.