Celestial Seasoning's Helps You Over the Mid-Afternoon Slump

      Everyone knows what an afternoon slump isthat moment that strikes mid-afternoon when you lose focus, feel tired, and wish you could put your head on a pillow. Jessica Cassity, local health writer and author of Better Each Day: 365 Expert Tips for a Healthier, Happier You shared tips for getting over the slump!

      There are a ton of different reasons people might succumb to this afternoon slump but a lot of it has to do with how we eat. Eating a lunch that's high in carbs can cause a blood sugar crash an hour or two later and skipping meals can leave your body and brain lagging behind come afternoon.

      Jessica always recommends eating a blend of nutrients so you get a helping of protein, fiber, and fat along with carbs. That'll help keep your energy levels stable all day long. Also, eat small meals regularly. By consuming a smaller lunch than usual then supplementing with an afternoon snack a couple of hours later you'll keep your metabolism and your energy stores high. Aim to eat around 400 calories during each meal and stick to around 150 calories per snack.

      If you have already entered that dreaded slump, Jessica says that a short burst of exercise such as a walk around the office can often act as a bit of a reset, giving your body and brain a little more focus and energy. And, while you're up, make yourself a cup of green tea. Green tea is a great way to increase your energy levels and because it has less caffeine than coffee it'll give you a small boost during the day without keeping you up late at night.

      Jessica recommends Celestial Seasonings Green Teas. Some of their new blends like Honey Lemon Ginseng have added antioxidant vitamin C added to them, 20% recommended daily value per serving and they're often infused with a white tea which cuts down on that bitter taste some green teas have.

      Celestial Seasonings Green Teas can be found at Safeway or Fred Meyer. And while you can just pop a teabag into a mug of hot water, if you follow some of the brewing tips on you'll notice the flavor really pops when you brew it right!