Change Your Reality in the New Year

      Dating and Life Coach, Donna Dzwonkas, had advice for changing your reality in the new year and opening up the door to the possbility of a new love.

      1. Seize the Opportunity to Change your Reality this New Year

      Your personality is made up of how you think, act, and feel.
      Your past and present Personal Reality is made up of the same thoughts. An example is if you have been out of a relationship for a while and you believe there are not enough single men or single active women in your age range, then you may feel it is too difficult to meet someone.

      2. Discover What is Not Working in your Life
      Silence and being alone is the key to awareness and the realization of what area in your life is not working. If you have a dream you long to pursue listen to that yearning and discover what it is.

      3. To Break the Habit of Being Yourself - Reinvent a New Self!
      Begin by knowing where you are starting from. What are your thoughts that create your beliefs, which is how you see the world. You restrict wonderful things from coming into your life if you don't have "new thoughts".

      4. Your Personality is How People See You.
      Break the habit of being your self -unlearn memorized emotions.
      You can change your personal reality when you change how you think, act, & feel.

      Ex: I think I cannot attract a loving partner.
      I act by putting in minimal effort to change something to produce a new partner; I do the same exact things trying to meet someone new.
      I feel incompetent.

      My current reality is one of incompetence or insecurity. This is your state of "being". This is one aspect of your personality and personal reality. You created it yourself!

      5. Discipline is Needed to Un-program then Reprogram your Brain

      Remember thoughts create your destiny. To achieve a different outcome in your life, think differently. Ex: 2 women married for 20 years and their husband divorces them. One woman looks at the opportunity to start a new life, she experiences new exciting things, she meets a compatible man and moves to Australia to pursue a dream and has a joy filled life.

      The other woman goes into victim mentality and always thinks; he ruined my life. I gave him the best years of my life and I spent 2 decades raising a family. She has ill feelings and replays this tape over and over in her mind. As a result she has back problems, she has not had a new relationship and her life does not flow easily. Both women created their own reality by their own thoughts.

      6. How to Create a New Environment to Change Your Life?
      If you get up each morning, eat the same breakfast, get ready the same way, drive to work the same way and do the same routine after work, nothing will change in your environment. You need to prune synaptic connections in your brain in order to sprout new ones. An example how to do this: take a 15-minute walk before going to work, carpool, ride your bike or use Trimet occasionally or do something different on your lunch break.

      7. These New Experiences will Begin to Create a New Self
      This is how you sprout new neuron pathways in your brain, which then create a chemical in your brain to create new feelings that leads to a new experience. You have the choice to liberate yourself from unhealthy beliefs and to create a new reality for 2012. Begin by changing your habits and add something new to your routine.