Choosing the Right Foundation

      With the addition of BB and CC creams to our foundation choices, how do we know which one is right for our skin? Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger Kendra Stanton stopped by to help sort it out.

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      There is so much confusion when it comes to foundations because there is always new technology coming out. So let me help break it down. Here are 8 different types of foundations and what each of them will do for you:

      Bb cream or Beauty Balm- This is a multi-tasking skincare and makeup product that helps to treat, hydrate, prime, protect, and camouflage the skin. The only problem with beauty balms is that the range in color is pretty limited; most lines only have about 5 shades. This is similar to a tinted moisturizer although sometimes a little thicker.

      Who Would Use This: This is good usually for all skin types, great for someone who wants anti-aging benefits and doesn't need full coverage.


      • Too Faced tinted beauty balm: $34.00
      • Too Faced Cream (more coverage than the tint)- $39.00
      • Iman BB Cream (darker skintones)- $20.00

      CC cream or Color Corrective: This was made to help's correct your skintone (like redness or sallow skin) with added anti-aging benefits of combating fine lines, wrinkles, brown pigmentation and more. It isn't as thick as most BB creams and the range in color can be extremely limited, around 1 to 3 shades.

      Who Would Use This: Anyone with current hyper-pigmentation problems, or someone who wants to prevent hyper-pigmentation. Not ideal for everyone because the range in color choice is so limited.


      • Olay Total Effects CC Cream: $21.00

      Tinted moisturizer: Acts as a moisturizers with a tint of color. They usually have some great anti-aging benefits to them with an SPF. There is a better range in color choice and you can even find some that are matte.

      Who Would Use This: Perfect for anyone who doesn't like the feel of anything on their skin.


      • Jouer Cosmetics Luminizing Moisuture Tint (oil free, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, spf 20): $38.00
      • Becca Matte Skin shine Proof Foundation (18 color choices!)- $42.00
      • Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation (only 1 color choice but has an SPF of 30 so I had to mention it). $55.00

      Mineral makeup: These are foundations made from finely milled minerals into a powder form and usually don't have any talc.

      Who Would Use This: Great for someone with sensitive or acne-prone skin. Also perfect for someone who wants a medium to full coverage.


      • Mineral Fusion (med to full coverage, gluten free, paraben free) - $29.99

      HD Foundation: Created for HD Television (which picks up even the slightest makeup blunder), a HD foundation was created to give a med. to full coverage without being detected by the camera.

      Who Can Use This: Really, anyone can use this, and they are great and look beautiful on the skin. But they don't have any anti-aging benefits and also have no sunscreen. But it is perfect for walking down the aisle (wedding), or any other special occasion where your pictures are being taken.


      • Makeup Forever HD Foundation (my go-to HD foundation): $42.00

      Cream Foundation: Full coverage foundation that is a little bit thicker than a liquid foundation.

      Who Can Use This: Someone who has more dry or normal skin. This wouldn't be a good choice for someone with really oily skin.


      • Jouer Cosmetics Age Repairing Perfector (has vitamin E, arnica oil, Japanese tea extract and the peptide, Dermaxyl). $34.00

      Liquid Foundation: A foundation that is liquid and can really range in coverage. Most are med. to full, but there are lots that are light coverage as well.

      Who Can Use This: Depending of the type, you would be able to find liquid foundation for any skin type. I feel like this is kind of the "catch all" phrase. The HD foundation fits into the liquid category.


      • Paulas Choice Resist Instant Smoothing Anti- Aging Foundation (anti aging, extra sensitive skin, wrinkles): $24.95

      Airbrush Foundation: A foundation that is applied through an airbrush machine. Gives you a HD look, and is extremely sanitary.

      Who Can Use This: Anyone can use this, you just have to be willing to learn how to do it. It's great for someone who has more sensitive skin- or turns red if touched at all because there is no need to be touched by a makeup brush. You can apply your foundation, blush, bronzer etc.


      • Temptu Airbrush System (This is the easiest at home airbrush foundation system ever). $199.00