Clothing Care Quiz

      Fashion Blogger and Stylist, Rebecca Alexander Pickrel, stopped by to test Dave's knowledge of how to care for clothing. The more you know, the longer your clothes will last.

      You'll find more great fashion information on Rebecca's Prey for Fashion blog.

      The Clothing Care Quiz
      How much do you know about how to care for your clothing?

      How often should you wash undershirts and camisoles?
      a) After every wear
      b) Once per week
      c) "Wash it? I just wear it till it wears out."
      Answer: A
      The Facts: Treat these guys like underwear; they sit close to your skin so they absorb the majority of you body-oil, which adds like to your dressier tops and blouses.

      When do suits, jackets and blazers need to be dry-cleaned?
      a) Don't, just replace it
      b) After 5 to 6 wears
      c) When it starts to show signs of wear
      Answer: B
      The Facts: These don't require much upkeep because you wear them over other things, but preventative care is the answer here. A jacket can retain smells, like from the restaurant you went to for lunch, so air it out near a window before shoving it in the closet. Check high traffic areas, like collars and cuff for stains and touch them up between washes.

      When should you wash your favorite denim?
      a) After 4 to 5 wears
      b) After each wear
      c) When they are too stretched out
      Answer: A (but sometimes C too)
      The Facts: Denim is tough and excellent at hiding dirt and over washing can cause jeans to fade and fray. Throw them in the washer inside out and use cold water and avoid the dyer if they aren't too stretched out.

      What is the best mode of care for your dress shirts?
      a) The dry-cleaner
      b) The washing machine
      c) A garment steamer and some baby wipes
      Answer: A and C
      The Facts:
      You may just assume that dry cleaning is the best solution to dirty dress shirts, and sometimes it is, but the less you wash an item the longer it will last. Dry-cleaners are amazing, but they may miss some spots and may cost a pretty penny, so in between visits, use a clothing steamer to keep shirts looking fresh. Baby wipes are amazing at stain removal, so keeping some on hand will help prevent stains and touch up dingy spots between the dry cleaners. The washing machine is a big no-no if you want to maintain the look and shape of a dress shirt longer than one wear.

      What Items can be used to de-pill a great sweater?
      a) A cardboard nail file
      b) Fine-grit sand paper
      c) The hook-side of velcro
      Answer: All of thee above
      The Facts:
      Instead of retiring a favorite sweater, give it a facelift by using one of the above items to whisk away those pesky pills that build up from many wears. Just be careful and take your time, otherwise you run the risk of breaking down the fiber and stretching the garment.

      When should you wash your PJs?
      a) When you change your sheets.
      b) Once a week.
      c) After 3 to 4 wears.
      Answer: C
      The Facts:
      People don't realize how much they sweat at night and all of body oils get on your pjs while you sleep. If you shower at night you can go a few more wears.

      How do I get wrinkles out of synthetic materials without having to dry-clean them?
      a) A clothing steamer
      b) The steam setting on an iron and some aluminum foil
      c) With a towel laying between the garment and the iron
      Answer: Both A and B
      The Facts:
      A lot of materials can't take direct heat, so you have to be ingenious about getting them wrinkle free and not breaking the bank on a dry cleaner's bill. A clothing steamer will ensure garment longevity and is quicker than ironing; items will look like they have just been dry-cleaned. Steaming is also easier on clothing than an iron because the heat is less direct.

      The aluminum foil trick will help if you don't own a steamer: place a piece of foil between the garment and the ironing board, then hold the iron, set on the steam setting, a few inches above the garment passing it back and forth. The heat radiating from the foil will help release the wrinkles.

      How often should you wash your swimsuit?
      a) At the end of the summer
      b) After every wear
      c) "Wash it? Didn't I just get out of the water?"
      Answer: B
      The Facts:
      The chemicals in a pool will eat away at a swimsuit and stretch it out prematurely. Hand wash your suit with cool water and a gentle detergent to help it last longer. Swimsuits are close to our bodies and need to washed after you've worn them, even if you didn't swim.