College Planning Tips

      Helping our kids get into a good college can seem like an overwhelming task, so Independent College Consultant, Marie Morris, stopped by to help simplify the process.

      Fall to-do list:


      • Finish essay and/or insight resume and any other short answer questions. Get the writing parts of the application done now.

      • Identify which academic teachers to ask for recommendations and ask them NOW.

      • Register for ACT, SAT or subject tests -- if necessary -- one last time.

      • Create an activities resume, listed in order of importance (not chronologically).

      • Start filling out college admissions applications. Check the supplements and get that writing done.

      • Search for scholarships.

      • Make a master list of deadlines on the calendar -- including scholarship, housing and financial aid deadlines.

      • Make sure your transcript and records are correct and up-to-date.

      • Make the last of the college visits and request interviews.


      • Register for the PSAT in October. This is the year it counts for National Merit Scholar.

      • Get off to a good start for the school year. Many Juniors have more difficult classes (AP/IB)and it is easy to fall behind.

      • Check high school college center for visits from colleges.

      • Attend the College Fair.

      • Target a few schools to visit this fall.

      • Have the college "money talk" between parents and children.

      • Search for scholarships.

      • Consider joining a new club or taking a leadership position.