Comedian Graham Elwood

      Today we welcomed to the show Graham Elwood, the co-creater and host of the Comedy Film Nerds website and podcast to discuss the book, The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies, written by himself and co-creator of Comedy Film Nerds, Chris Mancini.

      Graham and Chris, both professional award-winning filmmakers and comedians, created Comedy Film Nerds to mind meld the idea of real movie talk with real comedy, and to do this they called in all of their professionally funny and filmy friends to help.

      A ten year comedy veteran, Graham has honed his skills in comedy clubs and colleges to become a sarcastic hipster who can make light of anything and anyone including himself. He is part of a comedy group called "Fancy Ketchup", whose show can be seen on a regular basis at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. He also has made frequent appearances at the Improv in Las Vegas and numerous comedy clubs across the country including The Improv - LA and The Laugh Factory - LA.

      To learn more about Graham Elwood visit his website at, and to see what ComedyFilmNerds is all about, just follow the link to their website at