"Cooking with Fire"

      Wood-fired cooking is a hot trend; Cooking with Fire, by food historian and wood-fired cooking expert, stands out from the crowd with a fun, affordable, accessible approach that mixes the DIY aesthetic with a pinch of geek, a pat of humor, and a generous serving of culinary history and, of course, truly mouthwatering recipes.

      Marcoux provides step-by-step instructions for building inexpensive structures that harness heat and maximize flavor, including a tannur and a simple wood-fired masonry oven. Fun, historic recipes and cultural references bring these techniques to life accomplished cooks and weekend barbecue warriors alike will find new ways to amaze with dishes such as Roma-style bacon on a greenwood stick, roasted pork loin (Cormarye) on a spit, seared sea scallop lollipops on a griddle, and Vienna bread in a wood-fired oven. And don't forget that favorite early American tavern treat, flip a delicious concoction of rum, molasses, and beer mixed together and "burnt" with a red-hot poker!

      Marcoux has an outdoor cooking demo and book signing tonight at 7:00 at Next Adventure located at 426 SE Grand Ave in Portland.