Coping with the Grief of Sudden Trauma

      We have been inundated with trauma. Trauma occurs when the mind, body, emotions and spirit are injured by people and events. Trauma is a nervous system injury not just a psychological disturbance

      In seven days there were 6 deaths of teenagers in the Northwest. The Reynolds High School shooting was the 74th in the U.S. since the December 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

      Trauma damages our relational life and our connection to ourselves and others. It destroys our ability to trust. Destroys our sense of power and diminishes our ability to move. It destroys the fundamental assumption of a safe world so we no longer experience personal safety. A pervasive fear takes over and we may live in the feedback loop of "what's wrong?, What awful thing is going to happen next?"

      What do we do when we see trauma on the tv screen all day long?
      We return to the Body. The Body tells the truth. The Body is central to the healing process because it knows the way. The Body sensations hold the key to healing trauma.

      We must learn to listen to our Body. Here are three simple tools everyone can use:

      1. Pursed Lip Breathing (4 counts in through the nose, 8 counts exhale throug the mouth)
      2. Grounding
      3. Gentle Listening Touch

      How do you talk to your children when they have had a friend die suddenly?
      You help them discover where safety lives in their body and focus on the five basics to stay alive:

      • air
      • sleep
      • water
      • food
      • exercise/movement.