Crash-Proof Your Success

      Ever have a super-successful event and then crash shortly after? Maybe you gave that killer presentation or got the new job or ran that 10K only to find yourself empty and feeling down within a few days. Executive Coach, Stephanie Somanchi, PhD, says that you can understand whats really happening and how you can crash-proof your success while building even more.

      Whats Really Happening?
      " Externalization
      This happens when we identify outside of ourselves. We allow ourselves to feel happy
      when things are going our way and upset when things are bumpy. This leaves us
      vulnerable to circumstances determining our state of happiness.
      We fool ourselves by thinking that what we do or acquire is what makes us valuable.
      The dip after success peels back the layers and reveals that we have attached our
      worth to what happens. No matter how many good things happen it can never be
      enough to sustain our self worth because it is happening externally.
      Our value is innate. We are valuable and worthy from the day we were born. When we
      forget this, we chase the next high of accomplishment like a drug and the crash comes
      shortly after.

      What to Do:
      Reset & Recenter Time
      After any success - especially a big one - pause and take time to recenter. Know that
      the excitement youve felt isnt sustainable. Prepare yourself for "normal" life.
      Remind Yourself of Core Value
      Shift your focus to the worth you already possess. When you do this you are able to
      create sustainable success. This type of success lasts and can be recreated because it
      isnt pursued in the desperation of finding approval. You are free to enjoy the success
      because you are not using it to define you.