Create Your Own Pear Pastel

      Professional Artist Elida Field showed Helen how to create a beautiful autumn still life.

      September is the beginning of harvest. Fresh fruits and vegetables are abound
      and the cool air of Fall is starting to roll in. Kick off this Autumn season by
      creating a bold and colorful still life of one of my favorite fruits, "the pear!"
      Materials List:
      ~black or grey paper
      ~oil pastels
      ~paper towels
      ~low odor finishing spray/sealer
      How to create the "Oil Pastel Pear"
      1. Buy some pears from a local Farmer's Market or grocery store. You can also just go
      online to find some interesting pears for inspiration. Place your pears or pear on the
      table to make a still life. If you want a combination of pears together, set them up in 3,
      5, or 7 (always best to put them in odd numbers). Be creative and lay some on their
      side, facing backwards etc.
      2. Using your light brown or yellow oil pastel, loosely draw out your scene, starting from
      the closest pear and working your way back. Drawing a basic pear is easy... To get the
      shape, make a smaller cirlce the size of a golf ball about 4-5inches below the top of the
      paper. About 1.5 to 2 inches below that circle, draw another circle...this time the size
      of a tennis ball. Then draw two curved lines, that curve in and connect both circles
      together. At the top, you can draw a curved line for the stem and also by using a
      combination of curved lines, you can add a few leaves..
      3. Then begin to fill in the pear with color by drawing lines in the motion of the pear and
      overlapping with a combination of different colors. To create interesting pieces, start
      with a darker blue at the base and then layer other cool colors over this blending the
      two colors together as you work up or you can do the same with brown, red, orange
      etc. Keep in mind that it's the overlappin of color that makes the colors so brilliant.
      4. Add some dimension with purple or black, but be very careful not to blend this color
      into the rest of your colors or you'll get a mess. Black should be used at the very end
      and just to add some crispness and clarity to your piece. Also, you can add color or
      shading to the outside of the pear and around the pear to finish the piece.
      Change it up:
      Create another still life with apples, carrots, or other fruits and vegetables. Make some
      fun, funky shapes and try your hand at blending a variety of colors for each piece. This
      is a relaxing put some hot cider on the stove, play some soft music, and blend