Create Your Own Starry Night Painting

      It's December, and Christmas is right around the corner! Professional Artist Elida Field showed Helen how to get into the holiday spirit by painting a starry night nativity scene. The simple black silouette technique for the stable & manger can be used for almost any subject. So take this style of painting with you through the New Year (imagine painting a fireworks background with silouette of champaign glasses) & use it for every season or holiday to come!
      Materials List:
      ~canvas or wood any size
      ~acrylic paints (cool colors for a night sky, mixed colors for a sunset, & gold for the stars)
      ~acrylic brushes...(one small fine point, one medium angled, & one large flat)
      ~sharpie pen
      ~charcoal (light colors if making a darker background)
      How to create the "Oh Holy Night Painting"
      1. Turn your canvas to the direction you want your painting to be.
      2. Start with the darkest color first and work your way down the canvas using back to back
      horizontal strokes with your large flat brush. Make sure you use plenty of water to blend your
      colors as you work your way down, & step down the shades of colors so that your lightest color
      is at the very bottom.
      3. Let your painting dry
      4. Using a fan brush or stiff bristoled brush, dip in clean water and mix in with gold and a little
      white. Lay your painting down on a flat surface and with one finger, pull back the fan brush
      and flick the gold onto the canvas making little stars.
      5. If you want one big star, add that with a small brush.
      6. Using your chalk, draw out the nativity scene at the bottom of the painting. You can make
      this as simple or as complex as you'd like. Take a look at both of my examples as well as the
      simplified drawing.
      7. Use a sharpie, or black paint to firm up the strong lines on the painting and then begin to fill
      in the entire drawing with black paint or with your sharpie pen.
      8.This may take a few coats of paint
      9. Lastly, add a little extra gold around baby Jesus and anywhere else that needs a little bling.
      10.Sign your name..You're Done! Merry Christmas!