Creative Fish Art

      Professional Artist Elida Field showed Helen how to create a fishy painting worthy of being the center of attention.

      The sun is out and swimsuits are in! Why not celebrate the shift in seasons by getting your hands
      dirty with some water soluble oil pastels? The colors are so vibrant and intense that they make
      for dynamic projects that are certainly worth celebrating! These particular oil pastels can be
      blended with or without water.
      ~Water Soluble Oil Pastels (Portfolio Brand)
      ~90lb (or higher) watercolor or mixed media paper
      ~Images of tropical fish or other fish to be used as an example
      Making "Fancy Schmansy Fish"
      1. Turn your paper vertically
      2. Starting at the top of the page, draw a curved line out, back in and two little curved lines for the fish's lip. Then draw another curved line down to the bottom of the page.
      3. Using a set of three to four like colors (purple, blue, green, yellow or red, orange, pink and yellow) begin to layer the colors in the direction of the fish one over the other.
      4. Take your finger and begin to blend the colors together working in the same direction.
      5. Drip water with a brush over the top of the colors to help them blend together. You can continue to blend them with your fingers or with the brush. Be careful not to brush across the fish, but just to the colors that are next to each other.
      6. Take a contrasting group of colors (so if you used cool colors for the fish, use warm colors for the water) and begin to layer these colors together on the remainder of the paper. Follow steps 1-5 to blend the colors together.
      7. Use black to make a dot for the eye and outline the fish.
      8. Use white to make a highlight for the eye and to help blend any other colors together. You can also use your fingernail and scrape a little spot below the eye to give some depth.
      9. Finally, you can use sparkle paint or other embellishments to make designs and added dimension for the fish.
      10. It's a great idea to look up pictures of tropical fish to get inspired, or just use your imagination and have fun!
      Hang up your masterpiece and enjoy!