Decorate Your Bookcase Like a Pro

      No room is complete without a book case. At a minimum they provide well needed storage. They also serve as a place to display our treasures, interests and of course books. More importantly they add a vertical element that adds well needed height to any room. Interior Designer and the author of Interior Bliss, Jonathan Hopp shared tips for decorating your bookcase like a pro.

      1) Empty out your book case and start from scratch. Edit, Edit, Edit. Sort your items between books, accessories and photos. Keep only the best items that you would want to look at all the time and what inspires you.
      2) Start by adding only your favorite books and other items. Jonathan suggests you add 50%-75% books and use the rest of the space for vases, framed art and other accessories.
      3) Group things together. Don't worry if they are from different periods or styles. Generally like items look best grouped together by color, but that isn't a strict rule to follow.
      4) If the room isn't a formal one, Jonathan suggests adding personal photos. Photos are an important personal touch, don't forget to download your images from your cameras so you can see the people that matter to you every day. And since the images usually reflect happy times it's a good reminder of the people that we love.
      5) Stay true to your style. Whether you like clutter, or minimalist design, continue to use your personal style. When you are looking for display items, only chose the best, create a focal point is inspirational and displays the things that matter to you.