DIY Garden Art

      Donna Anderson taught us how to make your own garden art out of recycled cups and plates.


      1. This is the fun part! Select the plates, cups or saucers you would like to use. Choose bright colors and shapes that compliment each other.

      2.Use E6000 (the magic) glue to adhere each piece together. Use a fair amount and let dry at least 24 hours.

      3. Next you can paint the plates if they are clear and remember there is no "right way" or "wrong way" to do this. If you have plates with patterns you may skip this step.

      4. Purchase a coupling with the corresponding threaded dowel (about 3-4 in length) at your local hardware store.

      5. Glue the coupling to the back of the plate and let dry 24 hours.

      6. Screw the dowel into the coupling for the stake and ta-da!