DIY Halloween Decorations

      Interior Designer Lora Coburn stopped by to share fun DIY Halloween Decoration ideas to help get your home in spooktacular style!

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      Supplies Needed: cardboard letters, two 30 holiday light packs, black paint, purple paint, foam paintbrushes, hot glue gun, Exacto knife, black electrical tape
      1. Cut the front of the letter off with the Exacto knife and remove filling.
      2. Paint the outer letter black and the inner letter purple.
      3. After paint has dried, poke small holes in back of the letter to create room for the light bulbs.
      4. Stick light bulb into hole and hot glue in place. Be sure your heat setting in on Low.
      5. Using your black electrical tape, secure any loose wires to keep them hidden.

      Supplies Needed: canning jar with lid and ring, foam disk, 1" foam ball, bandage gauze, Sharpie, small twig, moss, hot glue gun, Exacto knife
      1. Hot glue lid into ring. Then hot glue foam disk onto lid.
      2. Stick small twig into the foam and secure in place with hot glue. Be sure to make sure the jar will fit over the twig before gluing in place.
      3. Create ghost by taking the foam ball and covering it with the gauze. Give it eyes with the Sharpie.
      4. Hang ghost on one of the branches and cover the ground with moss.

      Supplies Needed: Tacky Glue, Exacto knife, black glitter, wax paper, pencil, paper, tape
      1. Sketch out a spider web onto paper. Tape the paper onto the surface you're working on.
      2. Cut a piece of wax paper and tape that over the sketch.
      3. Trace your sketch onto the wax paper with Tacky Glue and cover with black glitter.
      4. Let sit for at least 24 hours.
      5. Using the Exacto knife, cut out the spider web. Helpful hint, cut from the inside out. That will make it easier to get out and cause less tears.