Don't Let Limits Hold You Down

      Today we welcomed Vicky Trabosh, author of Dead Rita's Wisdom: Simple Words to Help You Live an Extraordinary Life to discuss how to break free of limits.

      We believe what we are toldThe Stories we tell ourselves become our truth:

      • Rita told her daughter Vicky that she had weak ankles. Not knowing any different Vicky didn't want to test it and fail at something that 'required' strong ankles. For years Vicky didn't participate in activities that required strong ankles: skiing, ice skating, skateboarding
      • Our limiting beliefs keep us from risking, trying something new or different

      It is easier to believe a limit because it eliminates risk:

      • Playing small is easier than stepping into our greatness
      • Others like to keep us small to control, protect, and save us from failure
      • Parents pass their personal limiting belief system onto their children

      To protect ourselves further we look for other evidence where we might also be weak:

      • Our unconscious belief system grows with each failed test, or falter, embarrassment.
      • The evidence creates limitations
      • The limitations prevent us from growing, becoming our best, or learning new challenges

      We can challenge and change our belief system:

      • It must come from within
      • After sitting for years in the lodge Vicky said no more, strapped on skis, and flew down the hill
      • When you challenge one belief system it is easier to find more, and begin to grow

      Challenge the voices in your head that say You Can't:

      • Find the source of where these limiting beliefs came from: stories, anecdotal info, insinuations, or cynical people. Who would have believed that Vicky could start a nonprofit and raise over $700,000 dollars for the people of Rwanda? It has to come from within.
      • Start with a conviction and it will turn into a belief
      • Promise yourself to decide what your story will be, and what risks you are willing to take to write a different more thrilling and exciting life story.

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