Don't Quit Your Job! Fix It.

      If your job is driving you crazy there are ways to make it better. Corporate Coach Lea McLeod joined us to share some simple solutions. She says so many clients call and tell her, "'I need to quit my job!' But when we get to talking, there's usually good reasons not to. It's a matter of tackling the obstacles that keep employees dissatisfied at work!"

      Research shows that 75% of Americans cite their manager as the biggest source of stress in the workplace. To help overcome Bad Boss Syndrome, Lea offers up these suggestions:

      1. You can't depend on your manager to "know it all." No longer does all information "flow down from above." You need to be an equal participant in the manager-employee relationship.
      2. You need to expect the best, but be ready for the worst.
      3. Focus on everything YOU can control, which largely amounts to how you conduct yourself, the way you respond to what's going on around you, and what YOU do to affect a great relationship with your manager!

      4 Tips to Build A Better Relationship with Your Manager

      1. Build relationship with your manager.
      2. Have a regular conversation with him or her to check in and be sure you are both on track.
      3. Clarify your goals and objectives, and be sure you know how your performance will be measured.
      4. Know Your manager's goals. After all, you are there to make him or her successful!

      3 Mindset Shifts You Must Make When Working With ANY Manager

      1. Assume best intentions
        Often difficult managers don't know the impact they are having, or how they are perceived.
        As well, many people are flustered by situations they don't know how to handle, and may resort to bad behavior instead.
        Assume your manager has his or her best intentions at hand, and use good conversation, conflict management, and priority management skills to do what you can to improve your relationship.
      2. Assume imperfection
        Look, none of us are perfect. Most of all bosses. They have pressure coming down from above, and pressure from their team coming up from below. They have a lot going on.
        So, assume your manager won't be perfect, and cut them a little slack.
      3. Never forget why you're there: To Make Your Manager a Raving Success!
        Too many people I speak with have forgotten this point completely. You are hired because that manager believed you have the power to make them more successful. When you make your manager successful, you'll be successful as well.
        Ask your manager, " What can I do to help you be more successful today." See what happens.
      Lea is also offering up a free email series: 21 Days to Peace at Work For more information about taking back your work life, click here.