Don't Throw Money Down The Drain

      We welcomed the owner of D&F Plumbing, Sandi Warren, on the set today to discuss how you can save money on your plumbing and what to look for to prevent damage.

      A few helpful tips include:

      • Knowing where your water valve is located can help stop a leak quickly and prevent damage.

      • A common issue is a lack of water pressure in the kitchen, and this can be a result of debris in the aerator; or chalky debris which can be sign your water heater's dip tube is disintegrating.

      • Check at least twice a year to see if your shut-off valve works by turning it on and off. By catching any damage early you can prevent a major leak.

      To find out more about D&F Plumbing visit their website at Or give them a call at 503-282-0993 or 360-693-5516.