Dr. Bob Arnot on "The Aztec Diet"

      Aztec foods are the healthiest foods on the planet and fueled one of the most powerful empires in history. They include: beans, corn, turkey, fish, vegetables, fruit and super grains such as amaranth, bulgar, quinoa, and one that you may never have heard of but that will change your life: chia.

      Dr. Bob Arnot joined us to share how it's the cornerstone of his new diet and book The Aztec Diet. Dr. Arnot says his plan will help you lose weight, boost your energy levels, and improve your sense of well-being. With chia at its center, this diet features foods with few fats and oils, no refined sugars, little to no wheat, and foods that are high in protein. You will not only reset your metabolism and drop pounds, but you will also feel more energized and clear-headed.

      For more information on The Aztec Diet, visit the website.