Easy Decorating for the Holidays

      Are you a scrooge? Do you say humbug to decorating for the holidays? Interior Designer, Jonathan Hopp, and author of Interior Bliss, shared tips for bringing a little Christmas spirit into your home.
      1) Candles - the ultimate winter accessory. As the days grow darker, we gravitate toward the light. Look for simple ways to incorporate candlelight to brighten your home.
      a) Plaid ribbons around pillars
      b) Coordinate candles with a filler such as ornaments, greens, jewels
      c) Do groupings of candles - even if they are different sizes and styles, the winter season somehow always seems to appreciate the colors of candles
      2) Greens - look for ways to bring greenery into your place. Winter is a time when plants are hibernating, still there is something uplifting about bringing in the greens. The most obvious choice is a Poinsettia, but also think about paperwhites which is a bright fragrant plant that grows from bulbs or an amaryllis which brings a bit of life to the dark winter.
      Greenery also comes from pine branches and cuttings to bring in the seasonal scent of pine into our houses that are always closed up during the winter. Its earthy fresh smell, it a true indication that it's Christmas!
      3) Ornaments - are the easiest way to say Christmas. Don't only use them for the trees. Ornaments are the work horse at the holidays. Use them in garlands, scattered on tables, to fill vases or on the tied onto ribbons on the backs of chairs. Hang them from chandeliers, or fill planters with inexpensive ornaments to add a little holiday sparkle.
      4) Naturals - from pine branches, to pine cones, branches with berries. A natural look is a fresh way to bring the outside in.
      5) It doesn't get any easier than this. Wrap chandelier shades in a Christmas ribbon. Add bow to mirrors, or turn your front door into a big Christmas gift with a ribbon and bow.
      6) Brighten up with holdiay lights! Use them wherever you can use a little seasonal glow. A vase filled with mini light bulbs. Or use them in a garland on a stair rail. There are many places where a small amount of brightness can make a big difference.
      7) A fast way to create a holiday appearance is a grouping of seasonal color. The obvious choices are silver, gold, red and green.