Easy DIY Home Fixes

      John DeSilvia, host of DIY Network's "Rescue My Renovation," joined us live via satellite to show us quick and easy home maintence fixes -- using things we already have around the house!

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      • Drafty Windows: Tight seals around windows and doors prevent mold and drafts. Instead of paying for a draft detector, light a candle and hold it up to doors and windows to see if it flickers. Once the drafts have been identified, seal them up with caulk. In addition to saving money on the heating and cooling bills, preventing moisture helps prevent major structural damage in the years to come.
      • Scratched Wood: Ugly scratches on hardwood floors and wood furniture can be repaired with walnuts. Simply rub a piece of walnut along the scratch and then warm the gash with your finger to help the nut's oils soak into the surface. The scratch will disappear right before your eyes.
      • Creaking/Squeaking Floors: To silence creaking or squeaking hardwood floors, sprinkle baby powder on the loud area and sweep it into the cracks. The baby powder between the boards will act as a lubricant and will stop the annoying noise.
      • Slippery Rugs: Slip-proof rugs by applying lines of acrylic latex caulk around six inches apart to the underside of rugs. This quick fix will keep your rugs in place and prevent potential safety issues.
      • Cola Clean-Up: For help removing a rusty bolt, grab a can of cola. Cola can quickly and easily loosen the corrosion that creates rust on all sorts of metal surfaces. Pour a little on a scrubbing pad and go to work--the rust will disappear.
      • Holes in Screens: Repair small holes in window screens with clear nail polish. After cutting off any broken wires that stick out, apply the nail polish to the hole on both sides of the screen to seal it. If the screen has a long cut, you can sew it up with some plastic thread or thin fishing line.