Energize Your Day in 8 Minutes

      Wish you had more energy in the morning? Fitness Expert Beth Oliver says it takes only eight short minutes to get energized for the entire day. She stopped by our studios to show us the routine.

      Are you someone who struggles to get moving in the morning? You know a morning workout is great for getting your energy and metabolism revved up, but you just don't have the time. Well, here is a simple 8 minute workout you can do anywhere. It's guaranteed to get your blood and energy flowing, train your core, open up tight areas and improve your posture. You will be energized and ready for your day.

      • 1/2 salutations 8x
      • Energy swings:
      1. Flat feet 8x
      2. Lifting heels 8x
      3. Little jump 8x
      • Childs Pose -Plank-Knee Push up 8x
      • Down Dog -Wide Lunge and Twist 8x

      Keep repeating for a total of 8 minutes.